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What's new: ‘The Righteous Role of a Father’ teaches about a dad’s power

THE RIGHTEOUS ROLE OF A FATHER,” by David J. Ridges, $3.99, 16 pages (nf)

Over the past several decades, popular media have increasingly portrayed fathers as either bumbling idiots or cheating wastrels. In his booklet “The Righteous Role of a Father,” author David J. Ridges explains that such depictions are not of God and that fathers are important members of society with divine responsibilities.

Although “a mother’s intuition” is a common phrase, Ridges reminds readers that paternal intuition is also very real and something fathers are privy to. As fathers and mothers use their divine attributes together, they are better able to help care for and guide their families.

Men make important sacrifices, often working jobs that are not their first choice to economically help their families, thereby fulfilling their God-given role as providers, Ridges writes. By forgoing fun in favor of providing for their loved ones, fathers prove their love and reliability.

Ridges recounts an inspiring example of a time in his life when he was exceptionally busy as a teacher and stake president and was tempted to put other, albeit important, responsibilities before one of his sons. But when he put family first, he learned a lesson and created a lasting memory.

This short booklet is a wonderful read for all men regardless of their current circumstances in life, but it can be especially great for fathers. New dads can appreciate the guidance it gives and the important principles it touches on, while more seasoned fathers can find wisdom in being reminded of their eternal role in life. This booklet isn’t just for men. Reading Ridges’ insights can remind women to appreciate the pivotal role of righteous fathers in both their lives and the lives of their children.

A former teacher for the LDS Church Educational System and Brigham Young University Campus Education Week, Ridges lives in Springville, Utah, with his wife.

Elizabeth Reid has bachelor's degrees in economics and history. She has worked in retail, medical billing, catering, education and business fields. Her favorite occupation is that of wife and mother. She blogs at