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If your significant other streams your favorite shows without you, put a ring on it

A new commitment ring created by the UK ice cream company Cornetto ensures that couples commit to binge watching a TV series together, and only together.

The rings were created to reduce so-called Netflix infidelity among couples, where Netflix users may be tempted to skip ahead a couple of episodes without their significant other, making them more prone to spoil the next episode, according to the Daily Dot.

According to the video, over 28 million Americans have skipped ahead of their partners in wathcing a Netflix series — 21 percent when their partner was asleep; 12 percent would re-watch episodes and fake their initial reaction.

According to the Daily Dot, couples can sign up for a pair of the rings on the company's website. When the rings arrive, the couple must download the company's app where they will select what TV series they want to watch together. The couple must then put their rings close to their phone to unlock the app to start watching the series. The app automatically blocks the series when the rings are apart, sticking to the company's motto of "love should last more than one season."

"However, you can choose which shows you want to block — so if your boyfriend’s out and you want to watch 'Orange Is the New Black,' you totally can," the website Metro said.

The rings use near field communication technology linked to streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV, the Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail noted that the brand is currently in finalizing details with online streaming services and making the app cheat-proof. Those who are interested should sign up at the company's website to be notified of the release date.


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