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Charges: Provo man killed father, broke his back and put body in freezer

Omar Carmona
Omar Carmona
Utah County Jail

PROVO — Criminal charges were filed Thursday against a Provo man accused of killing his father and hiding the man's body in a freezer.

Omar Carmona, 27, is charged in 4th District Court with murder, a first-degree felony, and abuse or desecration of a dead human body, a third-degree felony.

Carmona is accused of strangling Marco Carmona, 57, to death June 8 inside the their Provo mobile home, 1943 W. 450 North No. 86. A police affidavit filed in court says the two were arguing because the younger Carmona's father "did not believe him when he hold his father that someone could break into the home while he was taking a shower."

Marco Carmona's body was found the next day inside a deep freezer in his home after his wife reported he was missing. Omar Carmona told officers who were searching for his father that "he had 'choked out' his father for approximately 20 minutes and then placed his body inside a chest freezer,'" charging documents state.

"(The) defendant claimed he did this because his father pushed him and then (threw) a glass of water in his face," according to the charges.

An autopsy revealed Marco Carmona's neck and back were broken after his death, the charges state.

"These findings are consistent with statements made by the defendant that after choking his father, he had attempted to break his father's neck to prevent his father from 'telling on him,'" police wrote.

Carmona told officers he tried to break his father's neck "because he was afraid of going back to jail," the affidavit says.

Police say there were signs of a struggle between the two men, including scratch marks on the son's back and chest. Carmona allegedly cleaned up evidence of the struggle, turned off his father's cellphone and hid it and then took money from his father's wallet and truck.

Carmona previously fought with his father in an incident driven by his mental health issues. He was charged in November 2014 with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault for attacking his father with a razor blade and at one point holding the blade to his father's throat, court records show.

The younger Carmona entered a plea in abeyance to that aggravated assault charge and the kidnapping charge was dismissed. The assault charge was moved to the 4th District Mental Health Court, where an agreement was reached that the sentence against Carmona would be held in abeyance for two years, but could go into effect if he engaged in future criminal behavior.

Carmona graduated from Mental Health Court on June 15, 2015, one year before being charged with murdering his father. His charges acknowledge poor mental health likely contributed to the killing.

"Circumstances surrounding the event suggest that the defendant was possibly operating under delusions brought about, in whole or part, by a mental illness," the charges state. "However, (the) defendant's statements indicate that he knew the nature and likely results of his conduct and that the intended actions (would) result in the death of his father."

Marco Carmona himself asked prosecutors to pursue mental health treatment for his son as part of the 2014 case, according to prosecutors.


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