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UTubers: GENTRI releases new song as Father’s Day tribute

GENTRI is a group of three tenors from Utah.
GENTRI is a group of three tenors from Utah.
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Complete with two dancers and a string quartet, the members of GENTRI aimed to emphasize the importance of fatherhood in their newest music video, “Lullaby.”

“The character of a man can be measured in many ways, but perhaps none more powerfully reflect his true strength than the level of tenderness with which he watches over, handles, and cares for his own child,” according to the description below the video.

The dancers in the video portray a couple with their new baby, and the sensitivity they have for each other and their child.

“This weekend we're honoring the men who taught us by their own examples to lead confidently, love tenderly and work hard every day. Thank you, Dad. #HappyFathersDay,’ continued the description.

Casey Elliott, Bradley Quinn Lever and Brad Robins are three tenors who make up Utah-based GENTRI, also known as the Gentleman Trio.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

UTubers is a feature that highlights YouTube videos created by people with ties to Utah.

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