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Letter: Make America safer

I am deeply sorrowful as everyone is about the latest shooting in Orlando. Not only do we have issues of gay rights, hate crimes and ISIS, but also gun control. I plead for everyone to have love and respect to uphold all of our laws. Allow all people to live life on their terms even if those ways are not the ways we like. What my conscience cannot allow is the slaughter of any people. When the Second Amendment was written, it allowed for single-fire ammunition for hunting of animals. At that time in history, people hunted to get meat for the very food they ate. There was no slaughter of people. Even today, hunters do not require automatic weapons to take down animals.

I honor our Bill of Rights but I still cannot think the great framers of the Constitution even could have envisioned providing us with the power of these horrible automatic weapons of mass murder that have ruined so many lives. We cannot stop all killings in our country, but we currently could limit the damage and numbers of lives lost if assault weapons were taken off the market. Let people register for handguns as is currently allowed. Let hunters have their rifles as the Constitution intends, but let's take the mass murder away from our collective histories. It is time to help make America a safer place.

Donna Murdock