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Crews fight small wildfire at Tanner Park

SALT LAKE CITY — Firefighters extinguished a small wildfire along a trail at Tanner Park Saturday that had been spotted by hikers.

The fire, which was reported about 1:50 p.m., burned about 1 acre of brush at the bottom of the canyon trail near 2760 S. Heritage Way (2500 East), United Fire Authority spokesman Taylor Sandstrom said.

Salt Lake, South Salt Lake and Unified fire crews responded to the call and had the blaze contained within an hour. Crews stayed for a little more than three hours to make "absolutely sure" the fire was extinguished, Sandstrom said.

"This is the first fire we've had along that trail in a while," he said.

The regional 9.75-acre park is popular with hikers, especially on weekends, Sandstrom said.

The cause of the fire is unknown, though fire authorities believe it was human caused.