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20 years ago: Raptors entertain in opener

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The Ogden Raptors were escorted into the ballpark on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Fans played baseball bingo. The game was delayed for nearly an hour because of a power outage. Five home runs were belted out of Serge Simmons Field. And, in typical rookie league manner, the game wasn't decided until the Raptors erupted for nine runs late in the game to take a 13-6 victory over the Billings Mustangs.

During Ogden's fifth-inning at-bat, the lights went out when a fuse blew up. Players and fans waited for 55 minutes before an electrician from Utah Power & Light was finally able to repair the damaged wiring. Raptors president Dave Baggott said the game would have been suspended if it would have taken just 90 seconds longer.

"The electrician came in with his rubber gloves and rubber boots on and told us to leave. He said that 'either the lights are going to come on or I'm going to get blown out of the room,' " mused Baggott.