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Letter: Handicapped parking

I have been in a power wheelchair since 2001 and on crutches before that. In fact, I got polio at the age of 15 months, so I have been basically disabled since then. The problem I have is people who park in handicapped parking who do not belong there, or who do not have a placard in their window. They may think they're only going to be a minute, but most of the time they are much longer. This presents problems for those that need that spot.

To the property owners that do nothing about those people parking illegally, please do a better job of enforcing the rules. Yes, you can call the police and have them do something about the problem. You don't need to just let it fly.

I think that the state of Utah is wrong in not making sure that the placards are always updated, or at least voiding the placard if it's not properly registered.

John Prescott