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Letter: GOP in Utah

I just sent in my primary ballot. What I see in this race is a popular sitting governor who has had to walk a tightrope between doing what’s right for the state and not upsetting the GOP that doesn't understand simple constitutional principles like the separation of powers. So, just as they did with Gov. Walker and Sen. Bennett, the GOP is trying to flex their muscle to prove who runs Utah. They don't care that their hand-picked candidate has ads stating that Gov. Herbert has raised taxes in the State X many times since coming into office. Johnson, like most Utahns, doesn’t seem to understand that the governor only recommends a budget. It is the Legislature that holds the purse strings and sets the budget and sets tax levels (and in Utah by "the Legislature," one means the GOP). So, the people Johnson is attacking in his ads are really those who are attempting to foist him on me, not the governor. What it appears to me, a voter, is that the GOP is using Johnson primarily to send a message to the governor — we did it before, and we can do it again.

Dave McNeill

South Jordan