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Letter: Climate change disagreements

I would like to respond to Dr. Folland’s letter on climate. First if they are talking about man-made global warming, why have we dropped the "man-made" to call it climate change or just global warming? His first premise has no basis in fact (if we do things to prevent future warming the other nations will follow). How naïve! The major premise stated as fact is that global warming can be averted by man. We projected years ago that islands would disappear and Manhattan would be washed away. It hasn’t been close to happening.

The U.S. mainland is less than 6 percent of the world land mass. We do what we can to clear the air and save water and snow but will other nations follow? I seriously doubt that. Economies dictate policy. Those that cry “the sky is falling” have little evidence that global warming is caused by man and not nature or seasonal change the world has known about for centuries. It is best to respect each other’s opinions and embrace facts and not consensus or theory or speculation.

T.G. Mahas

Salt Lake City