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Letter: Register kitchen knives

In reply to Mr. Rothacher ("Regulate guns," June 21), how about registration of kitchen knives because they can cause harm, though you could also be part of the registration problem since you might have a kitchen knife in your possession. I hope you also have liability insurance to cover yourself on those kitchen knives that you own.

Gun Regulation is not the problem. Non-enforcement of the laws that we already have on the books is a big part of the problem, but lets look at what the problem really is. It's not the guns, it's the criminals. Why not register all radical Islamic terrorists, and while you are at it register all street gangs in the USA. They are the people committing the crimes, not the law abiding citizens that own guns for self-protection, pleasure shooting or hunting. Why should we be burdened with all these radical regulation/registration problems and costs?

You can not register guns, knives, car bombs, or even chainsaws and solve the killing problem. To solve a problem you must get to the root cause — which again is radical Islamic terrorists, street gangs and other criminals.

Democrats always want to solve problems by registering everything, regulating everything, and growing the government to enforce these rules, regulations and registrations. And who ends up paying for all this garbage? The law abiding citizens.

Paul Jensen

Salt Lake City