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S.L. mother wins motorcycle on 'Let's Make a Deal'

When Salt Lake City resident Alisa Woicicki attended the game show "Let’s Make a Deal," she was surprised with more than just being a chosen contestant on the episode that aired Wednesday, June 1; she also won a motorcycle and a hug from the show’s host, Wayne Brady.

“Being on a game show was kind of on my bucket list,” the mother of four and recent college graduate said in an interview. “I didn’t think I would get chosen to be a contestant, but I was extremely excited that I was.”

"Let’s Make a Deal" is a television game show in which audience members, who frequently dress up in costumes, are chosen and have to pick between two choices, resulting in them either winning various prizes or getting a zonk — an item that has little to no value. Woicicki and her husband were part of the studio audience on the show that aired June 1. She was called up with two other contestants and had to choose between keeping $1,250 or picking the hidden item.

“I was calm enough to calculate what was going on in the game,” Woicicki said. “The person before me had just gotten a zonk, so I was pretty confident that there wouldn’t be another zonk.”

Her husband encouraged her to take the money. Woicicki instead chose the item behind the curtain. Her guess paid off as the curtain opened and revealed a 2015 Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycle worth $5,699.

“It was kind of funny because I had Wayne Brady and the other contestants all bouncing with me. It was hilarious to watch,” Woicicki said of seeing the episode. “I didn’t realize they were both bouncing with me at the time, but when I’m watching it now, I’m like, ‘They’re all jumping! They’re all as excited as I am!’”

The show was filmed in October, and she and her husband were under a confidentiality agreement until the show aired. They didn't tell their children about their winnings.

“It was a good thing my husband was in the studio audience (with me),” Woicicki said. “We just kept saying, ‘We were in the studio audience and we had a good time.’”

Since neither Woicicki nor her husband drive motorcycles, they plan on selling their prize and putting the money toward a down payment on a new car — despite their 14-year-old’s pleas to keep it so he can drive it.

Woicicki graduated from the Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute in May. She is starting her own business, Alisa Woicicki Design, which features clothing for boys and girls up to age 12.