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Letter: Supporting teachers

In response to the editorial by John Florez, “If elephants can dance so can teachers,” June 25, 2016. Thank you for your support, Mr. Florez. I would add that teachers already dance! They have been dancing and will continue to dance, no matter the expectations placed upon them, and no matter the perceptions. Walk into any classroom in any of our public, private or charter schools and you will see teachers dancing an amazing, beautiful dance.

In regards to the teacher shortfall, one suggestion to encourage teachers to return to the profession is to give scholarships to offset costs of education to renew licenses. Also, to revisit the Praxis requirements. I left teaching to raise a family, and have returned to teaching. While it was valuable to receive current training, it was expensive. Praxis exams are daunting.

How can you help teachers continue to dance? As John Florez says, listen to us. Value us. Ask us how to help. Give us a voice in educational matters. See us dancing. Appreciate our dancing.

Debbie Hoskin

Saratoga Springs