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Letter: UK and EU

Much noise has been made about the British leaving the EU. It is ironic that in 1776 our nation shrugged off the chains of Great Britain who regulated our trade and businesses, taxed this country heavily, and ruled us with a heavy hand. Now, the British are attempting to do the same; being rid of the European Union, which has had a strangle hold on that nation.

To their detriment, the European Union had regulated their businesses and industries, turning many trades from exporting success to requiring importing necessities. The EU determines how many migrants Great Britain must accept, whether they want them or not. They have been taxed heavily with Great Britain required to pay taxes to the EU in the millions each week. That money could be spent within their nation to improve and satisfy their needs.

As this nation took a step with faith to the future in 1776, so can Great Britain. This was a vote to take back their nation from the hands of globalists, whose interests are for money and power.

Yvonne Carter