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Letter: Elect Jonathan Johnson

As I pass what seems like over a dozen Gov. Gary Herbert billboards on I-15 on a 20-minute drive, I can’t help but feel frustrated that someone would feel the need to spend over half a million dollars on billboards for an election where he is already the governor. Is Herbert that desperate? Would the “best governor in the country” really need to prove himself to Utahns by putting his face all along the freeway? Apparently.

The “pay-to-play” Alta Club meeting last month where the governor solicited his time with Utah’s elite in exchange for large donations for his campaign reaffirms why I’m voting for Jonathan Johnson in the primary on June 28. It’s time we have a businessman run our state as governor, not a career politician. Jonathan Johnson has the tools and experience our state needs. He has pledged to stop raising taxes and end the Common Core mandate. Now that I’m a mother, these things are more important to me now than ever. Johnson has the right experience to help our economy grow. He has integrity and leadership. I’m excited to see what our great state will become if we elect Jonathan Johnson for governor.

Katrina Nickle