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Letter: Stop coal port project

Coal power is dwindling as a viable energy resource. Recently, the Army Corp of Engineers blocked a coal port in Cherry Point, Washington. We should follow this momentum and put a stop to the proposed Oakland coal port.

Gov. Gary Herbert has committed $53 million in funding, originally slated for rural infrastructure projects, to build a deep-water coal port in Oakland, California. However, this is not a viable use of public funds, given the recent bankruptcies filed by Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, Patriot Coal, Walter Energy and Alpha Natural Resources, just this year.

The Oakland coal port project is financially unsound but also unethical. It is preposterous to ship coal from Utah to California and then across the ocean to Asia, given the global impacts of increasing carbon pollution. It is vital that we stop this coal port project from being approved for our planet and our pocketbooks.

LeAundra Jeffs

Salt Lake City