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Morning links: UK coach quotes James E. Faust, Lane Kiffin retweets; Dres Anderson meets Messi

Maybe Darin Hinshaw just googled "quotes about choices and consequences."

That may have led him to late LDS apostle James E. Faust's quote, which Hinshaw not so subtly tweeted after quarterback Mac Jones switched his commitment from Kentucky to Alabama.

Hinshaw is the co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Wildcats. While his subtweet was accompanied by a couple of team hashtags, it was a pretty obvious response to the situation with Jones.

In trolling fashion, Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin retweeted Hinshaw's quote hours later.

It turns out there's nothing quite like the passive-aggressive actions of SEC football coaches to share a beloved LDS leader's words with hundreds of thousands.

Dres Anderson meets Lionel Messi

The Copa America allowed a former Ute to meet one of soccer's legends.

Former Utah receiver Dres Anderson and three other members of the San Francisco 49ers' receiving corps spent some time with Lionel Messi after Argentina played Chile at Levi's Stadium Monday.

Anderson tweeted about the experience.

BYU, Utah and Utah State sorted into Hogwarts houses

BYU and Utah may be bitter rivals, but they're not Gryffindor and Slytherin. At least, not according to a Reddit user who sorted FBS teams into Hogwarts houses.

BYU is Ravenclaw. Utah is Gryffindor. Utah State is Hufflepuff.

There was a method to the Reddit user's madness, which is explained in depth on the post. Basically, programs were placed where they ranked the highest out of academics (Ravenclaw), winning against top teams (Gryffindor) and revenue (Slytherin). Teams that didn't rank in the top 60 in any of those categories were placed in Hufflepuff.

Jokes could potentially be made about the Cougars should have been left out of a house, with their current football independence situation.

In the Harry Potter books, bravery and daring are attributes of Gryffindors. Wisecracks about Utah head basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak's temporary suspension of the Utah-BYU basketball series are in order.

The Aggies' Hufflepuff designation is plenty of ammo all by itself.