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5 Father's Day gifts only the favorite child would give


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Your brother might get him a toolbox. Your sister might make him a half-hearted breakfast in bed. But instead of giving your dad more to do and less time to sleep this Father’s Day, get him a gift he’ll actually like.

After all, it’s this kind of intuitive gift giving that makes you the favorite child.

Deseret News and Mini Moustachery want you to maintain your spot on top, so we’ve drawn up a list of unbeatable gift ideas for this Father’s Day.

1. Go for the gadgets

Even if your dad isn’t the “tech savvy” type, he can definitely benefit from of this personal assistant device. The Amazon Echo lets you listen to music and audiobooks, check the weather, maps and any other information you need from the internet. With this power at his fingertips (or his vocal chords), your dad will find that his day goes much more smoothly. Not to mention, he can set the tone for his mood whenever he wants.

2. Watch him smile

A watch is always a nice addition to one’s wardrobe. This gift also offers some flexibility as far as price goes, which can’t hurt. Simple and classy is always a good place to start, like a MVMT watch. If you forgot to get him a gift last year, maybe opt for something a little more impressive, like an Apple Watch that combines a classic look with new age technology. These gifts will keep your dad looking dapper and hopefully on time.

3. Allow him luxury

Shaving can be such a bore, especially if he's using an uncomfortable low-cost razor. But any man knows that cheaping out on these products is never a good idea. This Father’s Day, give your dad something that looks good and feels good on his skin. The Mini Moustachery shaving kit is a great place to start (bonus: without breaking the bank!). Help your dad feel like he can star in the next James Bond movie with this masculine gift.

Your dad doesn’t shave? No worries. Help him give his beard and mustache the care they need with a beard care kit, and his facial hair will be on its merry way conditioned and smelling great.

4. Let him indulge

Every man needs a good pen, and there’s a range of products you might choose. Whether your dad does high-end business or just needs a classy way to jot thoughts down in his study, this wooden specialty pen does just the trick.

Now he can sign checks and feel like a million bucks doing it and complete the Sunday crossword with style.

5. Bolster his appetite

When all else fails, choose bacon. After all, the best way to a man’s (and a father’s) heart is through his stomach. What could be more satisfying than a bacon-lover’s gift set? This complete assortment of bacon-related items takes bacon-tasting and enjoyment to the next level. And who knows? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a taste.

With these gift ideas bouncing around in your brain, you can defend your title as favorite child. Gift bundles at Mini Moustachery come ready-made so you don’t have to worry about competing for the top spot this Father’s Day.