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Letter: Mind pollution

Climate change letters regularly alarm us of the looming effects of fossil-fuel pollution and contamination, which some claim threaten the health and lives of today’s children and will ensure the extinction of our posterity. Yet, I never read of the alarming effects and present evidence of the dangers of mind pollution, which are ruining the health, freedom, sanity and decency of today’s children and young adults, which threaten the extinction of our society.

We live in a culture of mind games, brainwashing and mixed messages bombarding especially the young, vulnerable group of innocents. Pornography, drugs, media bias, government lies, internet trash, parental misguidance, movie content and unworthy heroes have long been poised to bring down the generations.

These distractions are further complicated by an apathetic and designing society. The mantra — “Get them while they’re young,” ensures that you can take away freedoms to make good choices and guarantees a generation incapable of preserving a desirable and safe society. Evidence is staring us in the face with violence, gangs, addictions, filthy and caustic language, bullying, mental illness, disrespect, lies and a “Me First” society, encouraged by misguided, hostile and organized groups with goals to entrap us all.

Air pollution or mind pollution — which is the real and urgent problem?

Charlotte McDonald

Salt Lake City