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Letter: Delegates are dividing

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I want to state that the Utah GOP has a problem with its delegates that is further dividing our party instead of uniting it. To begin, let's remember that a delegate represents the population. We have rogue delegates who seem to be delegates for the minority, and this is at every level.

Firstly, GOP delegates decide to give votes to Jonathan Johnson over Gov. Herbert. Herbert has nearly an 80 percent approval rating; who the heck are these delegates representing? Not the people of Utah, only Johnson, as was proved in the primary election where Herbert won in a landslide.

Secondly, at the RNC, our delegates not only didn't overwhelmingly give our votes to Cruz, nor even Kasich that finished second; they gave them to a third-place finisher in the state. Why is it that Ohio can vote for someone who dropped out of the race, yet Utah couldn't?

Do you realize that by turning your back on the population you only divide us further? The system is obviously broken. They way to fix a broken system is not to alienate the majority of its parts but to bring them together, to reunite those parts.

Because of the travesty of Utah's GOP delegation system, I feel I have no vote and no voice. Every vote we had cast means nothing. The GOP is made up of not just a few politicians, or a few delegates, but the people. If you continue to ignore the people, it will be the downfall of the GOP in Utah.

Carl Morton