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Letter: Trump’s the nominee

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I found the actions of our Utah delegation to the Republican National Convention to be an embarrassment to the voters of Utah. Not only did they attempt to circumvent the voice of the nation's voter/delegates who overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump as the party nominee, but they then explained away their pouty maneuver as an effort to simply give voice to people who were otherwise being denied a chance to be heard. And they did so under the pretense of merely seeking future party unity. Fortunately, Fox News journalist Bret Baier, who interviewed Sen. Mike Lee, called him on his misrepresentation of their thinly veiled intent.

This "poor loser" action is yet another example of political extremists who are disproportionately represented in our state's national delegation — just as they were in the state Republican convention. At the state level they managed to force a primary for our governor, only to be exposed as unrepresentative of the state's voters who supported Gov. Gary Herbert by over 70 percent.

Like former congresswoman Enid Mickelsen, my first choice was not Donald Trump either, but mature people honor the voice of the majority of the voters and support the winning candidate. It's another example of the give and take of politics that has made this nation great.

Larry Macfarlane