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Letter: Unenthusiastic support

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Like many self-described conservatives, I'm appalled at the prospect of voting for Donald Trump, a man who is neither conservative in outlook nor presidential in demeanor. Many of us hope for some sort of miracle at the Republican convention whereby Mr. Trump is swept aside in favor of a better candidate. However, barring such an event, I will vote for "The Donald."

This choice is not based upon party loyalty but rather pure pragmatism. Four more years of Progressive rule will devastate our country. Moreover, Hillary Clinton is a rare individual who possesses even more character flaws than Mr. Trump. Furthermore, with Clinton in the White House, none of my ideological agenda will get traction, while a President Trump may support conservative policies 30-40 percent of the time. I'm not a mathematician, but I'll take a 30 percent gain over zero any day of the week.

Steve Fillerup

Elk Ridge