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‘The Secret Life of Pets': Points for parents

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Points for parents

• Violence: Animals confront each other in an alley, and a fight ensues. A bunny attacks people and other animals. Animals drive cars in the city in a very reckless manner. A girl pet attacks others when her “boyfriend” is in danger.

• Crude humor: Pets are seen urinating on houseplants and also on the floor due to fright. Some jokes about flatulence occur. A rabbit poops on screen.

• Intense: Animals are taken by animal control and are shown in cages, fearing what will happen next. A snake chases after animals in an attempt to bite them. A bird of prey has many bones lining his dark lair. Animals are in the cages of an animal control truck when they go off a bridge and fall toward the river. A dog returns to his home to find his owner has passed away.

• Minions short: Minions are attacked by bees and are hit by a rake. Minions step in dog poop, and a butt is shown.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer. His reviews are at familymanmovieblog.blogspot.com.