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Morning links: BYU has TV advantage in Big 12 expansion; Favors, Hayward ranked as top 30 NBA players

Joel Brandenberger of Forward Florida takes a look at the TV aspect of possible Big 12 expansion.

He starts out by talking about why television is so important, saying, "Television, in fact, has become the lynchpin in the entire discussion. The Big 12's current TV contracts with ESPN and Fox require the networks to increase their payments if new conference members are added, to ensure individual schools continue getting the same amount of money from the broadcast rights. The networks aren't thrilled with this prospect, so the Big 12 has to find new members that will deliver new viewers."

He then focuses on BYU's advantage in this department, saying, "but when it comes to TV the Cougars have a lot going for them. BYU has a well-known football program that has won a national championship (in 1984). It is to many Mormons what Notre Dame is to many Catholics and thus has a coast-to-coast following. Big 12 leaders would be foolish to ignore those factors."

Favors and Hayward ranked among NBA's top 30 players by Sports Illustrated

The rest of Sports Illustrated's top 100 NBA players list was released, and both Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward were ranked in the top 30.

Favors moved up nine spots from a season ago, coming in at No. 28. Talking about his value to the team and overall game, Ben Golliver writes, "With so many teams hoping to play smaller and faster, the 25-year-old Favors makes for a nightly mismatch. His strength, honed scoring ability and motor are tough to handle for perimeter-oriented fours, as he can pound the glass on both ends and work his way to high-percentage shots against undersized defenders."

After talking about Favors value on the defensive end because of the ability to guard both power forward and centers, Golliver continues, "With extra space, Favors should be in even better position to operate one-on-one in the paint against overmatched defenders."

Hayward came in one spot ahead of Favors at No. 27. "A versatile wing who has grown more comfortable and effective as a lead scorer and ball-handler, the 26-year-old Hayward deserves the 'Franchise Player' tag, even if he’s never earned All-Star or All-NBA honors," writes Golliver.

Bruins Nation analyzes BYU coaching staff

Bruins Nation of SB Nation took a different path than most while looking into the matchup between BYU and UCLA on Saturday. Instead of talking about battles on the field, they focused on the Cougar's new staff with a coaching preview.

While speaking of Kalani Sitake, they wrote, "He is widely respected by coaches and players alike, and gives everyone around him a sense of empowerment. Players have alluded to the fact that coach Sitake really brought the team together after the departure of not only Bronco Mendenhall, but most of the coaching staff and individuals that recruited current team members."

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