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Utah State Prison inmate charged with brutally murdering cellmate

UTAH STATE PRISON — A Utah State Prison inmate with an extensive criminal history now faces a new charge of aggravated murder.

Timothy P. Maez, 38, was charged Thursday in 3rd District Court with the first-degree felony for the death of his cellmate. Details outlined in charging documents describe a brutal killing.

On Aug. 10, a corrections officer spotted Maez standing outside his cell with a "significant amount" of blood on him, the charges state. Inside the cell, James C. Corbett, 33, who was scheduled to be released in less than a month, was found unresponsive.

Maez told investigators that he and Corbett got into a fight, and that he stabbed Corbett with a pen, cut him with a razor and strangled him with a bed sheet, according to the charges. Maez is accused of attempting to shove or kick the pen into Corbett's ears several times, shoving a spoon into Corbett's eye socket, stomping on him and slamming his head against the floor.

Maez and Corbett had been cellmates since July 29, according to the Utah Department of Corrections. They were housed in the Olympus facility, which is where inmates with mental health issues receive treatment.

Maez has an extensive criminal history, in and out of prison since 1999. His most recent convictions were for aggravated kidnapping, retaliation against a board of pardons member and propelling a substance at a correctional officer, according to the Department of Corrections. His most recent incarceration began in June 2014.

In March, Maez — who has hepatitis C and is HIV positive — was convicted of intentionally flinging blood and saliva at two corrections officers and a nurse, according to charging documents.

In addition, after receiving repeated warnings not to send threatening letters to parole board members, he sent one in January of 2015 stating, "I'll do what I wont (sic) to do, I'll kill you and anyone else that gets in my way. … I'll kill you your family kids anyone that trys (sic) to tell me what to do," according to the charges.

Maez's next scheduled appearance before the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole is set for May 2019.

Corbett was convicted of two counts of attempted sexual abuse of a child in 2007 and ordered to serve two consecutive sentences of up to five years in prison. He was scheduled to be discharged, meaning he had completed his sentence, on Sept. 9.

The charges are the latest in a recent string of violence-related charges filed against inmates in what prison officials say appear to be unrelated incidents.

Last week, an inmate already serving a sentence of life without parole for killing two people at an Ogden wedding party was charged with stabbing another inmate at least 30 times. That inmate survived and was later returned to prison.

Also last week, three inmates were each charged with aggravated assault by a prisoner, a first-degree felony, for an attack on March 29 on another inmate in what investigators said was a gang-related incident.


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