SALT LAKE CITY — When cousins Anthony Guerra, 8, and Carlos Nieto, 9, heard about police finding a homeless man dead on a Salt Lake park bench in below-freezing temperatures last month, they knew they had to do something.

With money from their piggy banks and some they raised, they spent $300 to buy blankets and hygiene kits for homeless people living around Pioneer Park.

“I can't imagine sleeping out here on the streets with nothing,” Carlos said.

On Tuesday night, Anthony and Carlos, along with Carlos' mother, Gladys Rosales, went around giving the items to dozens of people. It’s an effort Rosales said she is especially grateful for after she spent some time in a homeless shelter.

“Things happen, and (my family) ended up actually at a shelter downtown,” she said. “So to have your children come up with the idea like this is just something really small that can make a big impact.”

The boys said they are grateful their money went toward something for people who are less fortunate than they are.

“I mostly hope that God blesses them and that they could have a little bit of a better life than just this,” Anthony said.

The boys plan to save more money for blankets to give out later this month.