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LDS woman becomes the first New Zealander to be crowned Miss Tourism International

Ariel Pearse, a returned LDS missionary from New Zealand, was crowned Miss Tourism International to kick off 2017 on New Year’s Eve.

An article from Mormon Newsroom Pacific highlights Pearse’s platform of “modesty in attitude and dress” as being the attribute that set her apart.

Pearse is the first New Zealander to be crowned the final winner. In an interview with Deseret News last year, Pearse explained that after her mission to Australia, modesty and other values became more of a focus in her pageants.

“I think if I had done this before my mission, I wouldn’t be nearly as confident or strong when it comes to my values,” Pearse said. “And I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it because I feel like if there’s anything I’ve really gotten out of this it’s being able to strengthen my values and have an opportunity to share that with others.”

For more information on her victory and for links a Church-produced video series surrounding Pearse and her values, visit the Mormon Newsroom article.