After all the tributes given at the funeral of Elder Robert D. Hales, fellow member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Elder Neil L. Andersen couldn't help sharing one more example of kindness and friendship that involved a boy from Baltimore.

Elder Andersen called it "The Story of Tie Buddies" and shared it on Facebook. The post revealed the story behind Elder Hales' tie, a tie that many noticed he wore general conference after general conference.

It all started in April 2010 when 5-year-old Jason was watching general conference at home. As Elder Hales spoke, the boy realized he had a tie matching the one worn by the apostle. Jason put on his tie, and his mother took a photo.

Six months later, Jason was thrilled when Elder Hales wore the same black tie with white polka dots, and another photo was taken.

Posted by Neil L. Andersen on Saturday, October 7, 2017

When Elder Hales didn't speak in April 2011, Jason sent a note with his two tie photos to cheer him up. That's when the "tie buddy" friendship was born, Elder Andersen wrote.

In a letter back to Jason, Elder Hales wrote: "I wore that tie just for you. It is fun to have a tie buddy."

The two continued to stay in touch through letters until Jason met Elder Hales in 2013. Before his death, Elder Hales left instructions for this special tie to be given to Jason.

"On Thursday evening, as Kathy and I and the General Authorities lined up to express our condolences to Sister Mary Hales, she too was thinking of others," Elder Andersen wrote. "She asked, 'Elder Andersen, I have a box at home holding a very special tie. Could you help me get it to Jason?'"

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