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The iPhone X is available for preorder, and the internet can't handle it

Friday marked a turning point for Apple iPhone users.

Customers could start preordering the iPhone X, the phone’s latest device that boasts a full touchscreen.

The new phone comes with a hefty price of $999, which has troubled some prospective buyers.

However, some reports suggest other iPhone models have outsold the iPhone 8 and people are waiting for the iPhone X.

And Decluttr, a website that buys tech devices for cash, said it found people are trading in their iPhone 8 models at an “unusually high” amount in lead up to the iPhone X’s release.

On Friday, in conjunction with the phone’s release, social media users shared their thoughts on the new phone (and its price) in hilarious tweets. The topic #iPhoneX topped the U.S. trending list on Twitter because of the high volume of tweets on the matter.

We’ve collected a few of the best tweets out there that’ll make that burning hole in your pocket feel a little better.

Tweets about the price:

Tweets about the process:

Others lost sleep over ordering the device.