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Book review: ‘Celebrate Sunday: 52 Ideas to Help Your Family Delight in the Sabbath’ makes Sunday worship in the home both doable and fun

"CELEBRATE SUNDAY: 52 Ideas to Help Your Family Delight in the Sabbath,” by Lani Olsen Hilton, Covenant Communications, $10.99, 146 pages (nf)

Author Lani Olsen Hilton understands that delighting in the Sabbath day can be difficult, if not impossible, for many families. After realizing many children see Sunday as a day of being told what they can’t do, she decided to compile a list of ideas, which turned into a book titled “Celebrate Sunday: 52 Ideas to Help Your Family Delight in the Sabbath” to help families realize all the good that can be done on Sundays.

“Celebrate Sunday” is divided into seven parts. In the introduction, Hilton explains many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints need to take on the task of celebrating Sunday slowly so they don’t get discouraged with everything they think they should be doing. Also, making Sunday special doesn’t need to take the entire day, families can start with just 30 minutes.

After explaining the blessings that can come from extra Sunday efforts, Hilton shares several ways to take ordinary board games and turn them into gospel study tools. From Chutes and Ladders to Scrabble, Hilton tells how, with a few changes, these games can be turned into fun tools on the Sabbath day.

She then explains creative ways to use significant church history dates to teach children gospel concepts, how to make family history fun and how to encourage deeper gospel study. Finally, Hilton shares how Sunday field trips and inviting others into the home can help gospel topics become more real and exciting.

If creating a holier Sunday atmosphere has seemed like a daunting task, “Celebrate Sunday” can help readers understand that not only can attempting to do so bring about great blessings, but those efforts can be easy and exciting.

A popular speaker at Education Week and Especially for Youth, Hilton lives with her family in Utah.

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