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Letter: Not convinced by Rep. Stewart's national park plan

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

I am not convinced that Rep. Chris Stewart has the best interests of the people of Utah at heart. His latest smoke-and-mirrors play to designate new national parks doesn’t fool me — it’s clearly a ploy to distract focus from the fact that Utah was robbed of Bears Ears and Escalante. It’s hard to believe a man who received the most funding from oil and gas interests in 2016 is not actively pushing mineral extraction in southern Utah. Get with the times. Extraction industries are waning, while the outdoor industry generates $12.3 billion in Utah spending alone. People come to Utah for our abundance of natural beauty — a beauty he seeks to diminish. Instead of lining the pockets of his donors, why doesn't he try to push for increased funding for our parks and BLM lands? “Dude, there’s nothing quite like Utah” — yeah, why don’t you act like it, then?

Josh McAlister

Salt Lake City