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Why Salt Lake City is one of the top cities while you're in college

BYU campus on Sept. 6, 2013.
BYU campus on Sept. 6, 2013.
Jaren Wilkey, BYU

A new report from MagnifyMoney ranked Salt Lake City as one of the most affordable cities in the country while working your way through college and student loan debt.

Salt Lake City ranked sixth in working your way through college while living at home, scoring an 84 out of 100 in the rankings.

Three Florida cities were the most affordable with Cape Coral as No. 1, followed by Lakeland and Palm Bay. San Jose, California and Omaha, Nebraska, ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. Buffalo, New York; Portland, Oregon; Rochester, New York; and Springfield, Missouri, rounded out the top 10.

Salt Lake City ranked as the seventh most affordable city while living on your own, scoring a 71 out of 100.

Springfield, Missouri, topped that list, followed by St. Louis; Little Rock, Arkansas, and Knoxville, Tennessee, within the top five.

The 100-point-scale rankings were based on rent, average in-state tuition, minimum wage and the unemployment rate.

The report highlighted that students can pay off their student loans and college debt before leaving school, especially if they work 20 to 40 hours a week while school is in session.

Students who pay for college while working are eligible for some benefits. For example, the American Opportunity Tax Credit offers students up to $2,500 if they paid money toward their tuition, fees or other education expenses throughout the year, according to USA Today.