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Letter: What happened to conservative principle?

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

I am a moderate in approach. I like to listen to others, find common ground and explore how to weave together diverse perspectives for optimal outcomes. Yet, my own orientation tends to be conservative — an older white male conservative at that. As such I am alarmed that principled conservatism has all but disappeared in America’s leadership and that our country is in danger of falling into decline.

The economy is doing well right now, and large American companies are flush with cash. We should be running annual budget surpluses to reduce the national debt. From a conservative perspective, the Republican plan to implement tax cuts that would result in between $1-2 trillion in additional debt is the opposite of what is needed.

The importance of strong moral character and maturity of our leaders is also core to a conservative outlook. Yet, President Trump has had women accuse him of sexual misconduct, which is validated by his recorded comments. He labels as “fake news” any reporting which he doesn’t like, even as it is often that reporting that is exposing his lies.

Yes, I am alarmed as a conservative that the tradition of principled conservatism has all but disappeared in American leadership, and that the Republican Party has been left in shambles. We need to make some dramatic changes soon in America, if we are to have much hope of avoiding serious consequences.

John Kesler