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20 of the best quotes from Bill Walton during the BYU-Utah broadcast

Last Saturday's BYU-Utah basketball game did not disappoint in terms of action, and the broadcast's color commentary rivaled that of the action on the court.

Bill Walton, known for his unique sense of humor and somewhat-cultish following on social media, had the call alongside Roxy Bernstein. Walton was pouring on humorous quips as Elijah Bryant was dropping in points for the Cougars.

Twitter lauded the well-studied Walton, a former UCLA star and 1977 NBA Finals MVP, for teaching viewers more about Utah history than they ever learned during their education.

Fans loved every second of it. Insider produced a list of top quotes from the night. Here we offer our list, with some crossover. Check out the top 20 quotes from Walton's call of the BYU-Utah rivalry game.

1. Bill Walton: This is the best I’ve ever seen (Yoeli) Childs play.

Roxy Bernstein: Bill, it’s the first time you’ve seen him play.

Walton: Both of those statements are correct.

2. Walton looking into the BYU campus library: I was reading over the lady’s shoulder. I was reading the “Immortal Irishman” by Timothy Egan. That is a fantastic book right there.

3. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jace Johnson’s career. Far as I can tell … I’ve been going on, I do not believe he is related to Jack Johnson.

4. This is a champion-level basketball game, the Holy War of hoops, and they’re going to call this a foul? Please.

5. Bernstein: You like that from the big guy?

Walton: I was a little stunned. I was very worried for a lot of things, the floor, the rim, the backboard, the defender standing in his way.

6. The crowd rises as one here at the Marriott Center, the place that Stan Watts built and Kresimir Cosic filled.

7. Walton: How many guys named Yoeli do you know?

Bernstein: Just one. Do you know more than one Yoeli?

Walton: No, but I know a "YOLO," a guy who goes by "YOLO." "YOLO," you only live once.

8. Walton: Wasn’t that Oklahoma game at Wichita State?

Bernstein: It was in Wichita, but it wasn’t at their home arena.

Walton: Well, how many arenas do you have in Wichita? Please.

Bernstein: There’s two.

Walton: Really, what for?

9. Larry Krystkowiak, don’t even talk to the refs. Just go to the locker room, figure it out and restart.

10. Walton upon being offered a drink: What is this? I don’t know, it looks good. Should you take a drink from a stranger? He’s got a BYU shirt on.

Bernstein: You ask me that after you already took a drink out of it?

Walton: I need to see your honor code pass.

11. Walton: The elbow to the throat and the knee to the groin, very effective strategy.

Bernstein: Did you used to do that?

Walton: It was my go-to move.

12. Bernstein: Am I confusing you?

Walton: Why do you wait ‘til this point to ask me?

13. Did you see the bike path on University Avenue? Biggest bike path, widest bike path I’ve ever seen in my life. Fantastic.

14. Bernstein: He knocked him off his path.

Walton: I’ll show you what knocking a guy off is.

15. I can’t keep my eyes off that student section, which basically looks like the Grateful Dead parking lot over there. What was in that drink?

16. Walton: You refuse to answer my questions.

Bernstein: What question do you have for me?

Walton: What’s the elevation of Timpanogos mountain?

Bernstein: I don’t know the answer to that question. Do you?

Walton: The perfect height, towering over the Utah Valley.

17. Bernstein: It looks like he got some fluids when he was back in the locker room.

Walton: Hopefully some V8 juice.

(Later in broadcast) Walton: He’s still got a little bit of a limp out there to him. (Needs) more V8 juice.

18. Learning how to speak is my greatest accomplishment and your worst nightmare.

19. That’s not gutting it out. That’s making a terrible miscalculation about your life’s direction.

20. Walton: Marty Glickman, one of the top five broadcasters in the history of the profession. More importantly, one of the top five human beings you’ll ever come across.

(Later in broadcast) Walton: I don’t get into ranking or rating things.