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Salt Lake City named one of the most in-demand cities for New Year's Eve

Downtown Salt Lake City, with the Wasatch Mountains in the background.
Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah with the Wasatch Mountains in the background
Douglas Pulsipher

Salt Lake City was recently named as one of the most in-demand cities for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Travel information website Expedia recently shared its top 10 cities in North America for end-of-year festivities.

Seattle topped the list with an average ticket price of $309.

But Salt Lake City finished second. Expedia praised the Utah capital city for its free fun options and kid-friendly atmosphere, among other reasons.

“It’s no secret that Salt Lake City is an active, exciting city when Mr. Frost comes to stay. It’s the perfect place to embrace the outdoor adventures only winter can provide, and it’s also a fabulous hub of NYE festivities,” according to Expedia.

Salt Lake City placed ahead of Phoenix, Denver and Tampa on the list.

San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nassau of the Bahama Islands, Mexico City, Mexico and Los Angeles rounded out the top 10.

Expedia corralled this list “based on air ticket demands and a poll of the most popular and affordable New Year’s Eve airfare for the upcoming holiday season.”

During its research, Expedia found that most people choose their holiday travel spot based on the cost of the flights and hotels.

The list from Expedia includes in-demand cities that won’t break your budget.

Read more about Salt Lake City’s New Year’s Eve events at Expedia.

Salt Lake City did not rank among WalletHub’s recent top 100 cities for New Year’s Eve celebrations. New York topped the list, followed by Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco.