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Letter: Becoming a moral America

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

While campaigning, President Trump pledged to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again.” A year later, he is following through with at least half of his promise, draining the last hope of life in the swamp we call Washington. In a recent trip to Utah, Trump signed away a bit of land. It was clear from the get-go that this visit was about one man — Orrin Hatch. Sen. Hatch, R-Utah, has worked hard to represent the state of Utah and the nation in D.C. However, to Trump, Hatch is a pawn. If the president can keep Hatch in the Senate for another term, he bars Mitt Romney from entering national politics.

Why block Romney? Well, Romney is clean. Like Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, he has a moral reputation and would easily win the Utah election if he started a campaign. However, Republican Party leadership wants to maintain the status quo. They like today’s situation. Not political power, but power to set the nation’s moral compass.

Politicians, including the president himself, have faced allegations of sexual misconduct that have tainted their reputations. In November, Roy Moore a Senate candidate in Alabama, came under fire for having allegedly harassed a few young girls. This is not OK.

Allegations like these should kill campaigns and obscure America’s moral objectives. Yet Trump and others endorsed Moore and many like him only to erode America’s moral standard. Now let’s be clear, Moore is another politician, another man, another #MeToo to be tweeted. One after the next, celebrities, politicians and other prominent figures are falling. Falling because they, like the foolish man, have built their house upon the sand. The sand of immoral conduct.

America was a nation built upon the principle of trust, but is something else coming? When the leaders we trust to make laws violate them, we have gone wrong. The solution to our problem is not complicated. We must simply raise the relevance bar for public moral standing and become the best America we can be.

Robert Borden