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Letter: Congress doesn't listen to us

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

We write and write to our members of Congress, but nothing ever happens. Usually we never hear back; occasionally we get a letter (sent with our tax dollars) telling us why we are wrong, but mostly just business as usual. Well, one more time here we go:

I'm about as Republican middle class as it gets, and this tax bill does absolutely nothing for me. I might save $50 a year until 2025 when any benefits for individuals expire, but in the meantime this bill is dismantling my long-term security. Elimination of the individual mandate is a direct sabotage of the American health care system. My premiums are going to skyrocket as a result. Additionally, the trillions being added to the national debt will come back to us in cuts to my Medicare and Social Security (which I have been paying into my entire career).

I'm pretty convinced that my letter to Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch and to Rep. Mia Love — or all of our letters, or the polls that show that the majority of Americans do not want these changes — will change nothing. But I know that we, collectively, will remember what happens. I will remember when the next election cycle rolls around, and I will exercise my right to be heard. And while I am not sure, I do think enough of us will remember to make a difference.

William Lentz

Salt Lake City