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Letter: No reason to defend the Russia probe

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor
Deseret News

A recent Deseret News editorial stated, "Concerns about political bias among members of the task force looking into Russian interference in the presidential election are not a legitimate reason to shut down the investigation or challenge its validity. Any additional charges brought by special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III will be adjudicated under the rule of law, which offers avenues to protect defendants against wrongful prosecution" ("No reason to shut down the Russia investigation," Dec. 19).

Are you kidding me? What happened to the evenhanded integrity of the Deseret News? We're not to challenge the validity of an investigation gone off the rails? So when exactly are those with differing opinions supposed to voice their concerns of the authenticity of this investigation?

Perhaps the editorial board has not been watching how American justice works. Observers should speak up loudly and often when they see something they consider an injustice. Waiting for the jury's decision never works. This prosecution is so compromised that even liberal activist and very successful defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has complained, saying that Mueller has been "sloppy" in his Russia probe.

The original mission of the Mueller team was to delve into possible collusion between Trump and associates with Russia prior to the election. So where is the beef? So far, Mueller has come up with one conviction — having nothing to do with the Trump election, having happened years prior to the election. I'm not sure at this point if Mueller should be shut down, but it appears that his investigation is imploding. Americans should be encouraged to "challenge the validity" when we see an injustice anywhere or at any time.

Donald Johnson

St. George