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Pull out your paints: 2018 brings new DIY channel to KUED

SALT LAKE CITY — Pencils at the ready.

Create — a how-to channel featuring cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, and other lifestyle TV shows — is coming to KUED starting Jan. 1.

The TV station will add Create as a fourth channel, KUED 7.4, and continue broadcasting the do-it-yourself programming on Comcast 393.

KBYU has been airing Create since 2006, but it is passing it off to KUED as a result of KBYU’s decision to discontinue its affiliation with PBS — a requirement to carry the channel.

“Like a familiar friend, you’re sad to see it go,” said Michael Dunn, managing director of BYU Broadcasting. “On the other hand, it’s just so amazing that we have another wonderful resource in KUED, that this isn’t going away.”

KUED general manager James Morgese said Create’s handoff from KBYU has been smooth, and he is excited about the change.

“It’s a valuable resource that has been extremely popular, and I think it’s important,” Morgese said. “I think that’s what we’re all about is lifelong learning cradle to grave, so this just fits right in with our mission.”

Create has reached 46 million viewers nationwide annually, airing shows like “This Old House,” “America’s Test Kitchen,” “Globe Trekker,” “The Best of the Joy of Painting With Bob Ross” and “Knit and Crochet Now.”

“Unlike all the other do-it-yourself, home improvement shows, Create really just offers I think a really balanced, full-spectrum approach,” Dunn said.

Morgese said it didn’t take more than 30 seconds for KUED to realize it should start a new channel for the Create programming.

“It rounds out the program offerings, and now we have all of the program services offered by PBS,” Morgese said. “We believe from other research that I’m familiar with that this will increase audience usage of public television in Utah.”

Studies have shown that adding another public television channel increases overall viewing of public TV, according to Morgese. With the addition of this fourth channel, KUED will be running at maximum capacity.

“We only have the ability to deliver four channels, so this is about the extent of our multichannel service,” Morgese said.

Dunn said he is a “big believer” in the lifelong learning Create promotes.

“The world is just such an amazing place to explore and understand, and I think particularly with some of these crafts, it’s so self-empowering,” Dunn said.

But he isn’t the only one who appreciates the education Create provides. This lifelong learning aspect of the channel also particularly appeals to the broader Utah public television audience, according to Dunn.

“We’re very much a culture and a population that understands the value of self-reliance, and that’s what’s advocated and taught and espoused through networks like Create,” Dunn said.

KBYU’s future includes other programs in the same vein as Create that take a slightly different approach to lifestyle TV, according to Dunn. Negotiations to air these programs are still in process.

“We certainly won’t be trying to compete with Create but trying to offer other alternatives that we think viewers will enjoy,” Dunn said.

KUED encourages viewers to re-scan its TV sets on Jan. 1 to make sure they get all channels. Local schedules and air times can be found on the station’s website.