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Letter: Changing KBYU is a poor decision

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

KBYU-FM is my station, practically my only station. To jump in the car and push that radio preset or to be at home with the same ease, it is always there as my companion, my education, my inspiration. I totally abandoned KUER years ago when they dropped classical music. I had little interest in their programming after that.

As a BYU alum, I see this action to eliminate one of the most refining and uplifting influences of readily available classical music to an extended community so hard to understand. And it's not just the music, but the commentary and educational programs and the promotion of our beloved symphony and opera and so many other groups, which is so invaluable. What higher use can there be than the elevation of the soul nearer to our Creator?

With all respect to those who are trying to improve the program, a “streamlined, more symmetrical, transmedia” approach sounds like impersonal, theoretical, administrative gobbledygook to me. I couldn't stand another inane sitcom, or more fantasy, or more “talk,” or more news, so I fear that KBYU will be just another KUER in my life's story and certainly not part of my annual giving budget.

I know where to find classical music other places — with some effort. But in my opinion, this is a poor, shortsighted and certainly disappointing decision.

Jay Shields


Editor's note: A previous version of this letter mistakenly listed the author as Crystal Young-Otterstrom.