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Letter: Carbon County deserves support from a sustainable energy economy

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

The Deseret News editorial about helping counties whose economies rely on coal deserves a giant amen ("Utah should focus on struggling counties as demand for coal declines," Nov. 27). When generating a megawatt-hour of electricity with coal costs about $100 compared with $60 for natural gas, and unsubsidized solar and wind are even cheaper, it's easy to see that a coal-based economy is not sustainable in the long run.

I challenge people who live in these communities to imagine a thriving economy 15 years from now that is not dependent upon coal. What does it look like? What did Utah do to support the transition? What actions were taken by cities and counties? What about businesses? Schools? You? To the rest of our state, I ask that when Carbon County tells us what assistance it needs, we step forward generously and without hesitation. These places have provided cheap energy that has powered our state for decades. They are not to be tossed aside as collateral damage when a better fuel comes along. Carbon is the basis for diamonds. Let's help Carbon County shine once again.

Steve Glaser