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Investigate what?

SHARE Investigate what?

I would hope that all the forum writers who submitted letters strongly criticizing Rep. Jason Chaffetz at his town hall meeting have read the letter submitted by the Cottonwood Heights mayor, Kelvyn Cullimore Jr., that appeared in the Deseret News the same day.

If they have, they can see the mayor supports most of what Rep. Chaffetz has said and refutes statements made in the letters of those protesting. What exactly is it that protestors want Rep. Chaffetz to investigate? Do they have some direct evidence that President Trump has abused some conflict of interest?

It seems to me that he is doing all that he can to avoid any conflicts. Also, he has only been in office for less than a month and has already given a great part of his time, energy and his normal life to help "Make America great again."

We all need to give him some time to make that happen and if there is any abuse of conflicts of interest then Rep. Chaffetz, I am sure, will take the appropriate action and investigate those claims.

Larry Harris

Pleasant Grove