LEHI — Tucked away behind nearly 20 homes in Lehi is an untouched 10-acre plot of land. But that might change.

"(The city) wants to put a 30-foot building in a residential housing area, which is just nuts,” said Lehi resident Shane Buck.

Buck has been in the neighborhood for 10 years and said he just found out about the city’s proposal to develop the land near 1100 West and Pioneer Crossing. The plan calls for a 120,000-square-foot commercial building with about 200 parking stalls and space for future tenants.

Buck is concerned it will bring a lot of unwanted traffic to his small street.

“They can't have that coming through a residential neighborhood,” he said. “That's too much of a danger for the kids.”

Kim Struthers, Lehi's community development director, said the issue is that there is no access allowed off Pioneer Crossing. The only access to the land, which is now zoned as commercial, would be along the same road as residents.

“It does create a challenge where the only access that they are allowed to have is … off of 1100 West, and there's not a lot of depth in the property,” Struthers said.

The proposal is still being heard by the city's planning committee, one of many proposals the growing city is considering.

“There is still a lot of land and a lot of development that will be occurring, so we've got a lot of room to grow still,” Struthers said.

If the proposal is approved, the public would have an opportunity to voice opinions once the developer comes back with an official site plan. The city would also require a landscape buffer of 12 feet between the homes and the commercial property.