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Draper man accused of raping Nebraska teen faces 65 felonies

SHARE Draper man accused of raping Nebraska teen faces 65 felonies
A Draper man has been charged with 65 felonies for allegedly having an illegal relationship for three years with a teen girl in Nebraska.

A Draper man has been charged with 65 felonies for allegedly having an illegal relationship for three years with a teen girl in Nebraska.

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DRAPER — A Draper man has been charged with 65 felonies for allegedly enticing two teenage girls in Nebraska and North Carolina.

The disturbing case involves two young girls from North Carolina and Nebraska dating back to 2013, and includes what investigators describe as three years of manipulation of the Nebraska girl, deception and hundreds of files of child pornography.

The investigation began in May when a mother in North Carolina found explicit messages and photos on her 12-year-old daughter's iPad, according to charging documents. The girl had been using the Kik messenger app to exchange these items with another person.

Investigators said they traced the source of those messages to Isaac Dylan Kemp, 44. In September, officers served a search warrant on his Draper home.

"In an interview with Kemp’s wife, she said she suspected that something was going on with Kemp, as far back as several years. She said Kemp disappears frequently to the bathroom while at home for long periods of time, and he takes his phone with him," the charges state. "Kemp’s wife said that Kemp is very private with his cellphone and that no one is allowed to look at it and no one other than Kemp knows the pass code."

While going through evidence collected from Kemp's home, investigators found communication with other young girls on his Kik account, including a 16-year-old girl from Nebraska, the charges state.

"The messages are mostly sexually obscene and sexually violent in nature," investigators wrote in the charging documents.

In October, authorities interviewed the girl in Nebraska. She stated that she began communicating with Kemp in 2013 when she was 13. Kemp first claimed he was 18, and then later claimed he was 16, the charges state.

The girl "estimated that over the three-year period, during which she believed she had a relationship with Kemp’s alter egos, she’d sent over 100 images/videos of herself," according to the charges.

In 2014, Kemp allegedly told the girl that his "uncle" would be in her hometown and asked if he could have the uncle drop a gift off at her house. The "uncle" was actually Kemp, police say, and he went to the girl's house and gave her a quilt.

Two months later, Kemp — while still posing online as a 16-year-old — told the girl, now 14, that his uncle would be back in town and that she should have sex with him so she could get experience, the charges state. Kemp, posing as the uncle, took the girl to a hotel room in Nebraska two nights in a row, and he raped her on the second night, court documents state.

About a year later, Kemp told the girl he was actually a 32-year-old adult, although at the time he was 42, according to charging documents. The relationship allegedly continued.

"On two occasions … (Kemp) gave her the morning-after pill," the charges state.

The sexual activity continued until February of 2016, police say, and the girl also continued to send pictures and videos to Kemp.

"(She) said that (Kemp) would get mad at (her) if she did not send him the photos/videos requested," according to the charges.

The investigation also included collecting evidence from Google accounts that contained "hundreds, if not thousands, of items of interest to this case which were related to the Nebraska and North Carolina victim(s)," prosecutors wrote in charging documents.

Investigators reported finding 62 images of the Nebraska girl on the account.

"In this investigation, I found sexually exploitative images of (the girl) on nearly every item of the digital electronics seized from Kemp’s residence," the investigator wrote. "The emotional and psychological harm that the defendant has caused over approximately three years of communicating with (the girl) was clear, when reviewing her forensic interview."

Kemp was charged by the Utah Attorney General's Office on Friday with two counts of enticing a minor, a second-degree felony; 30 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a second-degree felony; 30 counts of dealing in harmful materials to a minor, a third-degree felony; forgery and producing false documents, a second-degree felony; enticing a minor, a third-degree felony; and possession of a forgery device, a third-degree felony. A 66th count was included in charging documents seeking forfeiture of property.

Kemp was charged in Nebraska in October with 10 counts of sex assault of a child in the first degree. His bail was originally set at $1 million, but he was able to bail out after it was lowered, according to charging documents.

Utah prosecutors are seeking a minimum $1 million bail on their charges. As of Friday, no charges had been filed in North Carolina in connection with that case.