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Letter: Support the monument

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Over the years, I’ve hiked, camped, backpacked and explored the canyons and ruins in the Bears Ears National Monument area. I support the designation because of what I discovered during my many visits. It’s spiritual and it's religious. That spiritual feeling comes only by spending time in the solitude of deep canyons, feeling the gentle breeze, embracing the silence and watching as birds effortlessly glide in the sky. The ruins of ancient people become sacred when you notice the impressions of their fingers in the mud mortar walls of the rock structures where families lived and children were raised.

I understand our federal and state politicians wanting to support local people and communities. But they are missing the purpose behind the monument designation and they will never understand the purpose unless they spend time hiking in the canyons, exploring the ruins and camping under the stars — it is a spiritual experience.

The efforts of the Legislature to oppose the monument are because of poor advice and the lack of firsthand experience on the land.

Craig R. Gasser