I have noticed the clear shift of the Deseret News from being appropriately balanced to evolving into a liberal espousing news source. Whereas about six years ago we could read articles by distinguished Black American Conservatives, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, along with long-time conservative writer Cal Thomas, the vast majority of news columns come only from liberal sources.

It has often been shown that more than 60 percent of Utah population believes in and reflects conservative values. However, that is apparently not taken into account in Deseret News reporting. In addition to the views of your staff, I believe much of the problem lies with the national sources used by your newspaper. The Associated Press, the Cable News Network (CNN), the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times are not conservative news sources. They definitely lure the Deseret News away from reporting conservative ideas, or even a balanced reporting of all sides.

Media outlets have a responsibility to report objectively. I only ask that the Deseret News become fair and balanced in its reporting.

Terry Kemp