OGDEN — A group of employees who know a thing or two about challenges are scrambling to find permanent work after their paper shredding facility was damaged by a fire Friday.

The Ogden warehouse at 2437 Rulon White Blvd. is run by EnableUtah, a nonprofit that provides jobs, training and employment services to adults with disabilities.

“We help people that have physical disabilities, blindness and deafness, to people that have more cognitive disabilities,” said Gavin Hutchinson, president of EnableUtah.

Their managers are placing them in another Ogden facility, but that is only temporary, and time and resources are running out.

Separating papers is something Abbie Nelson enjoys doing hours on end. It's a system she's got down pat. The 53-year-old has been working at a paper shredding facility for over 10 years. She said it was sad to see her workplace damaged.

“It was hard on me," Nelson said. "It was just sad, really sad."

Hutchinson said for many of the workers, these small jobs are their only means of income.

“It gives them an opportunity to have disposable income,” he said. “It gives them an opportunity to help support their families as they've had issues that may have impacted their ability to have what we consider a normal job in the community.”

For now, Nelson and nine other employees are working limited shifts at the nonprofit’s sister facility at 2640 Industrial Drive in Ogden. The facility employs about 75 people; since Friday's fire it's added about 10 more to that list, but Hutchinson said paying them will prove hard to do after next week.

"While they still may be employed, they will be more underemployed and won't be receiving the same wages that they need to (be receiving),” he said.

EnableUtah received donations to go toward paying the employees, but those won't last long. Hutchinson is turning to businesses in the community for support.

"If any employers had the opportunity or feels the need that they can employ an individual that has a disability, please reach out to us,” he said.

To contact EnableUtah call 801-621-6595 or go to enableutah.org.

Contributing: Viviane Vo-Duc