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4-year-old Claire Crosby charms with another Easter video

Claire Crosby sings "Beautiful Savior."
Claire Crosby sings "Beautiful Savior."
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One year ago, 3-year-old Claire Crosby’s Easter video “Gethsemane” went viral with over 6 million views. Yesterday the Crosbys released another Easter video.

Since last year, Claire has had a burst of success. The now 4-year-old has been featured on "Little Big Shots" and "The Ellen Show," and has had several of her videos collect millions of views on YouTube.

The fame doesn’t seem to have gone to Claire’s head, and she still smiles in her same scrunchy way.

In the video, Claire wears a flowery pink dress as she sweetly smells the flowers at Skagit Valley Tulip Town, singing the reverent lyrics of “Beautiful Savior." The video had over 150,000 views in only one day.

This is the first of Claire’s videos to feature multiple parts. As the video description reads, “For this video Claire learned both the melody and harmony part. The only thing better than one Claire singing is two of them.”

The video was released in conjunction with the Easter initiative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and features scenes from the LDS Bible Videos. The Easter initiative #PRINCEofPEACE focuses on the attributes of Christ.