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11 Instagram photos from Utahns that capture how beautiful our state is

SHARE 11 Instagram photos from Utahns that capture how beautiful our state is


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No doubt we live in one of the prettiest states in the country, and boy, these beaUTAHful Instagram photos show that.

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1. Crossing Sunrise at Zion National Park

Instagram handle: @carlmazurphoto

"As we were approaching the park, I yelled to Whitney to stop the car. The sun was making a warm glow across all three mountains."


2. Sunrise at Bonneville Salt Flats

Instagram handle: @aaronjcurtis

"The first stop on our road trip from Canada, we departed a rainy Salt Lake City before the sun was up hoping to capture sunrise at the Bonneville Salt Flats. As we made the final turn and then stretch the rain let up, the clouds parted, and we were awarded the opportunity to capture a number of shots, including this one."


3. Starry Skies over the Midway Ice Castles

Instagram handle: @quinncalder

"I have never been colder while photographing. I literally had ice forming on me and my equipment while trying to capture the ice towers. The builders strategically placed ice stalagmites, then sprinkled them with water that instantly froze all night in -10 degrees. The final product was well worth it."


4. Cotton Candy Clouds over Emigration Canyon

Instagram handle: @hansiphoto

"My best friends and I went on a day trip into Emigration Canyon and randomly chose a mountain to climb. Luckily we emerged from the heavy fog right before reaching the summit. The greatest surprise was that we barely managed to catch the sunset, which painted the fog with an incredible golden-pink color!"


5. Sunset at Monument Valley

Instagram handle: @pfinpatcharr

"Nothing is better than catching the sunset over the Monument Valley."


6. Bison at Antelope Island

Instagram handle: @natures_perspective

"Weekend trips to Antelope Island include visits with freshly powdered bison. The contrasting colors of snow and beast make for a unique and hallowed experience."


7. The Milky Way at Bryce Canyon National Park

Instagram handle: @sandramet_photography

"We spent a freezing night full of shooting stars at one of the most spectacular places in Utah: Bryce Canyon. A well visited the park during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, people begin to leave and the Canyon turns into an abandoned mystical place. The few ones who brave the cold will get to see one of the best night skies in the country with countless stars and a breathtaking clear milky way like rarely seen before."


8. Sunrise at Lake Powell

Instagram handle: @jkudall

"After spending a memorable night camping on the remote cliffs overlooking the calm waters of Lake Powell, the sky put on a beautiful display before the sun came up, with a setting full moon in the west aided in illuminating the landscape below."

9. Snowdog

Instagram handle: @life_less_stationary

"Utah is often so beautiful that sometimes you can take a pretty amazing picture from just outside your backdoor."


10. Early morning light reflecting off of the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

Instagram handle: @rjhooperphoto.

"The unique landscape of Bryce Canyon can actually be found outside the park boundaries, though not as dramatic and grand. This cliff band found outside the park shares the same amazing scene as one would see from one of the popular overlooks, without the crowds of course!"


11. Sunset at Goshen Canyon

Instagram handle: @derekscottphotos

"After spending the afternoon in Goshen Canyon, it started to become very cloudy and dark, with no chance of sunset colors. Moments later, the unexpected happened. The last bits of light charged through the clouds, creating a natural orange filter effect in front of the sun. The clouds then roared with color."