ROY — A thief checking locks on vehicles at an auto body shop found a car unlocked and got away with several items, including a prosthetic leg belong to avid climber Carsen Taylor.

Taylor, 24, said he loves "anything and everything" about the outdoors.

"I mostly (like) just staying in the mountains," he said.

That is, of course, when he is not at work at Firestone Complete Auto Care, 5702 S. 1900 West.

"Some days I will do oil changes all day. Some days I will tear down motors. It just depends," Taylor said.

While at work on Saturday, Taylor started to feel sick so one of his co-workers drove him home. He left his car at work overnight and the next morning discovered it had been broken into.

"(They took) my stereo, my subwoofer, my backpack full of all of my climbing equipment and my prosthetic," he said.

One of his prosthetic legs was in a backpack taken from the unlocked car.

Three years ago, Taylor lost part of his left leg in a climbing accident. He now relies on his custom climbing prosthetic to do outdoor activities.

"I can climb with one leg, but it's limiting," he said, which is why he wants the people who took it to bring it back — no questions asked.

"It would have been cool if they looked in the bag and said, 'OK, maybe I shouldn't take this,' and brought it back," he said

Taylor's friends raised money to buy another $12,000 prosthetic leg. Meanwhile, he's hoping the thieves have a change of heart and return it to his workplace.